Tea and Theology



Branching and weaving


#550 How many ways are there to #see the same thing? How many different #opinions can people hold? Does that mean that we can never #agree? Is there such a thing as good #disagreement? Can we ever take those who have such a different opinion from ours with us on the #journey?


#545 #perspective #seethingsdifferently #redeeminglove 

God’s lens

#541 See the world through #godseyes #godslens #ministryofnoticing #disciplineofobservation #deeperlistening What do you see?

Seeing God’s intentions 

#467 I’ve been looking at the #parableofthesower Commentaries suggest that the explanation given #matthew13v18to23 was added later, and gives a different explanation from Jesus original intention. How can we know or understand the intentions of God when we are unable to see outside of our earthly experiences?

Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly

#369 What do you #see when you look at a field? Perhaps it depends on who or what you are. As a city girl, I see somethings exciting and beautiful. A farmer would perhaps see work, and therefore pressure. The red kites often seen flying around the area may see food possibilities, cows would see food provision. A sermon I heard this week spoke about a #spiritualperson being one who sees things differently, not just at face value but more holistically, and ultimately seeing how God sees. How challenging to not merely take things at face value in the business of the everyday – in seeing things differently the hope is that we would be enabled to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly…that is my prayer for our world this week. #micah6v8 

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