Tea and Theology




#688 #journeying to #Scotland and eagerly anticipating #family #friendship #laughter and #rest 


#648 #ordinarytimestole to symbolise our #journeytoGod Where does #godsstory and #ourstory interlink?


#619 #day34 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #journey as #lookingback and #lookingahead two years on #ordinandsquietday

Branching and weaving


#550 How many ways are there to #see the same thing? How many different #opinions can people hold? Does that mean that we can never #agree? Is there such a thing as good #disagreement? Can we ever take those who have such a different opinion from ours with us on the #journey?

Journey and destination 

#544 As it is still #epiphanytide I was thinking about the #threekings and what it would have felt for them to have journeyed so far, and for so long to finally arrive…only to turn back! Whilst the main focus may well be in the destination, I wonder what they learned along the way, about themselves and one another?


#435 A #bridge is a powerful symbol of #journey #crossing #progress #support. Also Jesus acts as bridge between God and humanity. This week the bridge feels particularly pertinent as I’m getting into assignments and begin to look ahead to what is next. 

#252 #itisfinished I began knitting this jumper in January 2014 and no less than 27 months later I have completed it. It represents so much busyness as I have allowed it to sit untouched for months on end #toobusy to take time out to do something I love. It is also well travelled, having been carried around on holidays, into coffee shops and through a house move. So many conversations have taken place whilst knitting this jumper, with my mother, partner and friends. I’ve also prayed whilst knitting it, about calling, my journey with God and for others. It is a symbol of my life over the last two years, and it’s completion marks the end of a chapter.

#194 My #journey to training for #ordainedministry began some ten years ago when I was in my early twenties. I had been living in Japan for four years previously and had recently returned to Britain. I was driving home from work one winter evening, pleading with God to guide me…He gave me a vision, a bit like a bolt of lightening, of me as a parish priest. In that moment there was complete clarity of words that people had spoken in recent weeks, alongside an acknowledgement of the gifts God had given me allowing me to see a real flourishing of my ministry within the vision. A few weeks earlier, a good friend had told me that God would guide me and it would be to something that terrified and excited me all at the same time – I completely understood that! Days before my mother had told her sister that she thought I would be a vicar: at the time, that just seemed to be the most absurd suggestion, but again in that moment I felt God’s absolute affirmation. I kept this vision to myself for a few weeks, but God was powerfully at work, and even my own parish priest asked me if I had a call to ordained ministry on my heart! Despite the conviction of this sense of calling, I felt that God was very much saying, “yes, but not quite yet”. Through further prayer and discernment I felt led to train to teach Secondary Religious Education, a career which enabled me to grow and flourish spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I am now in my first year of a two year training programme at Ripon College, Cuddesdon. I have often wondered whether God had got it right, then whether my incumbent had, and those in the diocese that also affirmed my call and supported me through the discernment process. That said, I cannot fail to recognise the energy and passion that God has given me as I responded to His call, in His time, and in His way for my life always seeking to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him. #CofECalling (at Thame, Oxon)

#149 The #posada came to visit this afternoon. We lit a candle and #prayed that we would remember the #journey Mary and Joseph made, and remember those who are travelling in difficult situations, and those who do not have a #home. We asked that we would #seegodinthepeoplewemeet and that we be a #blessingtothem. #powerfulprayer (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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