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Sorrows and joys

#444 As part of #eveningprayer this evening we were invited to #symbolise giving our #sorrows and #joys to God by releasing stones to represent our sorrows and petals to represent our joys. The stones sink in the water, in the same way that God envelops and surrounds them for us and with us. Equally the petals float, just as God holds our joys with us and encourages us to flourish in them. Tonight I #pray that all those with sorrows on their heart might be held and #comforted by God, and that those with joy would be encouraged to #flourish. Amen.


#309 With this week being focused on half of our community leaving, it is difficult not to feel at least a bit #alone. #endings are so hard and I’m beginning to notice how much I have avoided them, even talking about them, in the real world. Ending as a parting of ways, or as a passing from this life to the next, are so very difficult. We have various rituals to #endwell as we leave school, university or work which remind us of what we are leaving behind. Whilst I have wished that time be frozen for some of those endings, it is within these rituals of release that we seem to empower people to flourish, as we send them out with confidence in their abilities and well wishes for their future. Perhaps sharing what we love about one another more would enable greater flourishing in our everyday lives…

#129 #encouragement is such an important part of #christianfellowship and it is so lovely to be encouraged by friends and colleagues. In our college group the other day we wrote a line of encouragement for one another and it made me smile all day to think about the lovely things people said about me! Let’s #encourageoneanother in their strengths and gifts and watch each other #flourish! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

#17 The parable of the sower…some seed fell on the path and the birds ate it, some on rocky ground without enough soil and more fell among the thorns. Some seeds however fell on the good soil, and grain came from it. Lord help each of us who minister to stay strong and encourage others to flourish.
#parable #sower #flourish

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