Tea and Theology




#658 #eucharistwithchildren with a theme of #feedingofthe5000 #matthew14v13to21 set around a #picnic to demonstrate #godsgenerosity and #abundance Let’s be #generous with our time and care of one another. 


#517 This is Stan for #day1 of Happy Animal Life. The goal is to post a picture of your pet once a day for 5 days. Your post demonstrates that you take a stand against #animalabuse. Nominate two people a day to continue with this. This seems particularly pertinent at this time of year…

Today I nominate Claire Estall and Becky Barnes

One last thing…

#353 #onelastthing you can do for a loved one is to ensure their life is marked appropriately and that they are sent off with all the love and care possible. These orders of service reflect a good few hours of #thought, #preparation and #attentiontodetail and were a very small pleasure to do at such a sad time.

Relaxation of fish

#337 Fish can be wonderfully calming. Over the last few days I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the #nightingalemacmillanunit in the #royalderby and have been so #humbled by the #love and #care that people give to those in the end stages of their lives. The atmosphere there is just lovely and relaxed with a fish tank to watch when things get a bit much! #amazingministry

Service as slowing down

#292 Last week and this week I have the privilege of serving in my community as duty chapel #sacristan It is a wonderful, quiet act of #service to keep the chapel tidy and make sure all is in place for each service – it’s also a little worrying when you forget something! It is teaching me about the careful #attentiontodetail that I need to develop, somethings which can only be attained by slowing down…very difficult in the busyness of modern day life.

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