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Sense of loss

#493 A #senseofloss or #bereavement almost, for a way of life that has become so normal in its busyness and diversity. What now?!

Air in your tyres

#473 Today I #pray for the woman who I met at the fuel station struggling to put air into her tyres. #Forgive me for my initial frustration, and thank you for opening my eyes to her tears and need. I wonder whether her anguish may have been caused by a recent #bereavement, perhaps of someone who used to do this for her. I pray for calm and peace in her panicked heart, I pray that she safely reached her destination. May she feel cared for and reassured. I also pray for men and women who have lost their partners in life as they struggle to learn to do things for themselves. Father guide them and protect them and grant them your peace. Amen.

#160 Amidst the festivities it seems that a number of people have suffered #bereavement in one form or another. For many, Christmas and New Year are stark reminders of loved ones who are no longer with us, of traditions no longer kept and places no longer visited. Tonight I #pray for all who have lost a loved one, this year or in previous years, that they will find comfort and peace. AMEN.

#64 There is something quite stark, empty and lonely about #bereavement. Many people at college are feeling bereaved at the loss of something of an iconic old beech tree. Walking alongside those who are bereaved is an incredible privilege as people can be truly beautiful when they bravely allow themselves to open up and let the rawness of their loss show. #praying for all who are #bereaved that they will be #comforted and that they will #neverwalkalone.

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