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#658 #eucharistwithchildren with a theme of #feedingofthe5000 #matthew14v13to21 set around a #picnic to demonstrate #godsgenerosity and #abundance Let’s be #generous with our time and care of one another. 

God of abundance

#447 My study of #stteresaofavila continues. Her imagery is amazing. When talking about knowing God more fully through #contemplativeprayer she uses an analogy of two #fountains with basins. One is us, and one in God. God’s fountain #overflows until it floods the whole garden and fills our basin up through this overflowing. She is speaking about all that we have, all that we are and all that we do, coming from God. #godofabundance 

God’s abundance

#339 Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves and two fishes…The story in #matthew14v13to21 tells of God’s absolute abundance as he provided for, and sustained, his people. What do you need to #sustain you? Where do you want to see God’s #abundance flow?

#218 This painting was used by a colleague in our group worship to help illustrate God’s absolute #abundance. What strikes you in this picture? What do you see when you look more deeply? There is so much symbolism here that I could stare at this for some time. The artist said that this was about the hands of God surrounding everything, even though it is difficult to see them at first. #godisnear even when we cannot see… (at Cuddesdon)

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